Accommodation and Facilities at ‘Aranyaka Upanishad’


Accommodation and facilities at ‘Aranyaka Upanishad’

We think of ‘Aranyaka Upanishad’ as a ‘home’  in the forest where friends can feel free and relax deeply. Therefore, our living spaces are, above all, intimate and utterly private with nothing but the sounds of silence of the forest around. The decor is simple, comfortable,and echoes the surroundings in subtle ways.

There is a main house and a constellation of guest-houses or cottages around the surrounding hillsides. The house is in fact only a few meters away from all the cottages so access to the shared meditation and yoga facilities is always at hand.

The forest estate is set a gentle valley with flower-fields and a main house. This house, or home, is the heart of ‘Aranyaka Upanishad’ with a spacious living-room and meditation hall that opens onto a spectacular balcony and views to the forest.

There are guest suites on a separate floor to the house with self-sufficient kitchen facilities and a covered veranda.

Besides these, there are separate forest cottages set in discreet naves or niches in the forest. Each cottage has a sleeping-room, a sitting-room, bath and  a stocked kitchen. There are wall to wall windows that reflect the beauty of the forest all around. The structure and design of the living spaces is intended to echo nature with use of stone, wood, and organic materials.

Even the soaps, shampoos, and bathing-oils we offer our guests are farm -made on the  farm with ingredients from our gardens and fields. Most of the building materials are also from the forests, picked over time and carefully so as not to disturb the eco-system.

blue room
peony room


guest room
living room
view through door to forest
main house balcony


light through windows
doorway to main house
morning views from balcony