Himalayan Women’s Enterprise

Silk kurtas/ blouses:

More recently, the ‘Himalayan Womens’ Enterprise’ has begun creating exquisitely embroidered kurtas, jackets, and blouses in silk and lace. Here are some samples. The prices of kurtas are from 2,500 to 3,500 Rs. The lace blouses are 2,500 Rs.

red rayon with embroidery 2,500
varanasi silk woven border with silk fabric 6000 Rs.
deep blue raw silk jacket with varanasi silk panel
4,500 Rs
varanasi silk woven
4000 Rs
fuchsia silk with green woven border
3,500 Rs
woven varansi silk dress
3000 Rs
double shaded woven silk
5000 Rs
detail embroidery at hem of kurta
black silk kurta with gold embroidery
deep green with peacock silk collar
emerald chiffon silk with silver embroidery
detail of hem
collar detail
azure silk with delicate gold


Krishna Lila on silk
center panel of silk shawl


guaze white curtain in tree motif
4000 Rs.
detail of white linen tablecloth -4.5 feet by 3
cashmere quilt cover with silk thread work