Accommodation and Facilities at ‘Aranyaka Upanishad’

Light in Living Room

Living Spaces:

At ‘Aranyaka Upanishad Forests’, we pride ourselves on offering an optimal experience of comfort, peace, stillness and beauty in our cottages and rooms.

Each cottage is unique in design and look with personalized interiors. Would you like to sleep in a room with a mural of the forest painted by Liv Olive, an artist from Tuscany or a cottage designed by a norwegian architect friend, Finn Brasen? Would you like a sunlit patio with an outdoor shower in your cottage or scandinavian minimalism in design? A ‘Blue Room’ or a ‘Peony Room’? Take your pick.

Writer’s Cottage
Peony Room
‘Lady of the Forest’ painted by Liv Olive
Forest Room
Garden Room

There are six cottages, two private homes, and five guest bedrooms in the main house. The cottages have their own kitchens, bath, sitting area, and double bedroom with an outside sitting area.

balcony with deck in main house
under the stars